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The big news in 2008 was my range of carved limited edition chairs. Hand carved in a wide range of designs or if you wish bespoke designed to your needs or passions, these chairs have been a great success.

You can view just some of the designs we have previously done below but remember we can create many more styles so please call to discuss your requirements.

The Macnab Chair

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History of John 'Macnab'

Written by John Buchan and published in 1925 under the title John Macnab.
Buchan's adventure story was centred on three members of London's upper-class society - an ex-attorney general, a banker and a cabinet minister. Bored, with little to engage them and keen for a rejunvenating challenge, they concocted, in the rarefied atmosphere of thier London club, the notion of poaching deer, salmon and grouse on three Scottish estates, having warned the owners of thier intentions and the dates when the acts were to be carried out. In the event of success, £50 would be paid to a charity and appointed by the estate owner, but failure would be a forfiet of £100, again paid by the three 'poachers' all of whome operated under the non-de-guerre, John Macnab. It is a truely thrilling adventure story and a must-read for every true sportsman.

"Inspired by Buchan's book, I wanted to create something that would appeal to every true sportsman and connect with this story.

The Macnab chair is a superbly confortable classic design dating back to the 1850's. It was commonly made in Nottinghamshire and widely used in gentleman's clubs all over the county. Every chair will be individually numbered, and a personalized certificate signed by me, Nigel Coope - will authenticate each one. There will also be a brass plate, fixed to the underside of the seat base, with the makers details, the chair number, and title 'The John Macnab Chair'."

Nigel Coope

The Gun Dog Chair

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Limited Edition Game Chairs.

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Partridge Game Chair (top right).

Pheasant Game Chair (bottom left).

Snipe Game Chair (bottom right).