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Here are a selection of dining chairs of various traditional designs and timbers. Chairs can be stained or natural to match each table making the perfect dining room setting.

An English yew double bow Windsor with Chippendale back. In the second half of the eighteenth century, country craftsmen copied the fashionable designs of Chippendale and adapted them to the splat (the decorated upright) of the Windsor chair. Note the crinoline or cow-horn stretcher, joining the legs, named after the hoops in ladies petticoats.

Bergere Chair a new chair made
in 2005 from elm and oak.

An Oliver Goldsmith chair. This comb-back Windsor is modelled on a chair belonging to the writer and poet Oliver Goldsmith who bequeathed it to a friend when he died in 1774. The original can now be found in the Victoria and Albert museum.

A smokers high bow. An especially popular chair that was often used in offices, libraries and taverns as well as in the house. In elm, oak and ash, it comprises a typical Windsor seat with spindles socketed into the top surface of the seat.

A smokers bow. Could have been found in mens smoking rooms dating back to the 1850's, made from elm and oak, this design can be miniaturised to make a fine childs chair.

An Elizabeth Gabbitass chair in elm. Elizabeth Gabbitass was the wife of a windsor chair maker, who took over his workshop on his death in 1837. She is the first recorded female Windsor chair manufacturer.

A farmhouse lath-back easy chair, famous for its shaped back rest, the curved back makes this chair truly comfortable without the need of a cushion.

A farmhouse lath-back rocker, one of the most popular chairs of all time, treasured for its attractive appeal, and its old fashioned relaxing qualities.

High bow spindle back chair.

A low bow made from yew.


Lath back side chair.

Farmhouse Lathback Carver.

Single bow with Chippendale back.

Chippendale Back Carver.

Double Bow Chippendale Back
with cabriole leg.

Single Bow Diner.

Single bow stick back carver.

Set of spindle back dining chairs and Oak tressel table.

Single bow stick back chair.

Oliver Goldsmith side chair.

Fan back with Chippendale back.

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